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 Holy Family Ministries School

Chet Coppock "Buffone: Monster of the Midway"

The Chicago Chapter of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Les Norman Syndicated sports radio host, tv analyst, author and motivational speaker and former Kansas City Royals baseball player

Previous syndication shows have included " Ross Crystal's Show Biz Express" ,"The Beatles Show" and "The Mighty House".

Was able to generate affiliation agreements in top ten markets in less than six months. Outside of radio affiliations, we have managed business marketing communications for Chic Gems, the Chicago Chapter of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation and Gameplan Entertainment. Assisted in endorsement deals for a Chicago football coach and a NY baseball manager. Developed a tracking tool for clients, an affiliate sales contract and a marketing kit for each client. Researched marketing opportunities, gathered proposals, negotiated rates and oversaw the creative projects. Managed invoices, payments and past due payments.