Let me WOW you! - Company Message
  • “Janet is the Michael Jordan of Marketing and PR”. Dr. Fady Charbel UIC Neurosurgery Chief
  • “Janet has always excelled. During our reporting days, she was one of the few journalists on the beats we both covered — for different news organizations — who always understood complicated issues, including taxes. Her on-air reports were concise, accurate and relevant. in the last several years, Janet has demonstrated amazing networking, organizing and political savvy in her drive for brain aneurysm awareness in addition to her success in sales. In short, she is one of a kind — outstanding at whatever she she wants to do. I loved working along side her. Any employer would be fortunate to have Janet Sutherland on her or his staff. “ Myra Eder, Reporter Star/Daily Southtown Newspaper
  • "In all my years of working in Chicago media I’ve never had anyone from the U-of I hospitals reach out to me, until Janet came along” Susan Wiencek|Public Affairs Manager|WTMX-WILV| Hubbard Radio Chicago
  • “Janet is your go to gal when you want something done and done right the first time. Her wit is contagious. Her connections are thousands! I highly recommend Janet.” Sheri Billing, President, Doctor of Audiology, The Hearing Doctors, Inc.
  • “I’ve known Janet for nearly 15 years as both a colleague in radio and as public relations professional. Janet has always been very thorough in her work and understands how to look at the global ramifications’ of an issue in order to get to the heart of the matter. I would highly recommend Janet for any job in media or public relations. Janet is extremely competent, and approaches her work with a steady consistency and professionalism that would serve any company very well.” Brian Reardon, Public Relations Officer – HSHS
  • “Janet approaches her day-to-day tasks with optimistic enthusiasm. In this tough economy when “No!” is too often the only word that anyone is willing to say, Janet provides a creative approach and real honesty that forces you to consider her pitch.” Joe McArdle, Operations Manager, Newsweb RadioCompany